In August 2015, for the third year running a special type of music and cultural festival will be taking place at “Hülltofter Tief” a small lake near Neukirchen. For two and a half days we invite the young and the old, city and country as well as artists and art-loving people to have a one-of-a-kind celebration underneath the North Frisian sky.

The program will be as colourful as the people you will meet at the festival. Besides the music acts from a range of genres the stage will be open for theatre, poetry slams and performances. For this year’s festival, we will once again delve deep into the Scandinavian and German music scene but we are keeping our eyes open for all kinds of art, as long as it is authentic and gets under your skin.

Because we feel that the atmosphere of a festival thrives on the small details nothing can be missed here. So in addition to interactive workshops and a multitude of offerings besides the program happening on the big stages there will be a lot of effort and hard work put into the design of all buildings and grounds.

Thanks to the backing of the community of Neukirchen, our countless helpers and highly motivated team, SKANDALØS 2015 has what it takes to become an awesome and unique experience for all of us. We are looking forward to an amazing weekend, full of inspirational experiences and interesting encounters.




We are looking for hard working helpers for the SKANDALØS weekend. You can fill in the form here however it is only available in German language since you should be able to understand and speak at least a few bits and pieces if you want to help us out during the festival.



Come an check out our festival program for 2015 on our german festival page.


Start 2nd phase of advanced ticket sale

Our 2nd phase of advanced ticket sale will be starting tomorrow in the evening.
You can get the tickets in our bazar. The price will be 52,-€ per ticket (+ 5,-€ garbage deposit).


Phase 1 of our advanced Ticket Sale is sold out

All tickets of our first phase of advanced ticket sale are sold out now. As soon as the next phase starts you will be able to buy tickets in our online shop, the SKANDALØS Bazar. We will keep you updated about the starting date!